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Workplace Assured offers businesses complete peace of mind by helping you manage your employer obligations and remove compliance risk.

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You've got enough to do running the business. Worry less about employee claims against you for wrong pay rates, leave entitlements, performance management, unfair dismissal, bullying or discrimination. 
One fixed fee purchases protection, on-call advice and support tools to guard your business against workplace risks. Gain complete peace of mind today. Download brochure.  

*The $2m insurance covers judgements, settlements, interest, damages, legal defence costs and civil liabilities. Please refer to the policy wording on this site for full details on Workplace Assured CGU insurance coverage.
# Insurance cover is retroactive prior to start date as long as claim is made under the policy during the relevant indemnity period stated in your policy schedule and is not a known circumstance. 
Global coverage excludes USA and Canada.
Over 18,000 workplace relations claims were filed last
year, costing Australian businesses millions. You don't have to be one of them.

Rest assured your business is protected with Workplace Assured.

Happy clients

Workplace Assured gives you 24/7/365 access to the Workplace Advice Line. We have been advising businesses for over 60 years through every possible situation. You're in safe hands. 

Cootamundra Oilseeds
The protection and support it gives you is brilliant. To have someone (like the Workplace Advice Line and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors) knowing the law, knowing what you can and can't do, guiding and helping you gives you such credibility if you have to sit in front of a mediator. It cost me less than it could have potentially cost me.
Andrew Puckeridge
General Manager
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Twin City Roller Doors
Our online business is growing at a very fast rate so in terms of putting staff on and things, that’s going to be happening much more often over the next 3-5 years as we grow our business there. Having Workplace Assured for all those documents in that aspect is one thing that we can worry less about.
Laura Chanter
Service & Development Manager
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Planet Power
The advice has helped our business avoid fines and risk, particularly with dismissals and redundancies. Last year, we let someone go and felt confident it was done correctly and staff were treated fairly because of legal advice we had received.
Larry Buete
General Manager
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Partnering with the best for your protection

Our partners have seen it all – strikes, reform and the rise of claim culture. Workplace Assured pulls together experts with decades of experience between them for your benefit. 

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With plans available from just $47 per week, now is an excellent time to join Workplace Assured.