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Terms & Conditions

  1.1    This document concerns the rights and obligations of relevant persons in respect of Workplace Assured and the terms and conditions upon which we supply or procure the supply of Workplace Assured to you.

  1.2    To the extent permitted by law and subject to clause 15.6, we reserve the right at any time to vary the terms of this Agreement and/or the nature and/or extent (including exclusions and inclusions) of Workplace Assured. Any such changes will appear on the Platform at This document is effective from 1 September 2016.


  2.1    Workplace Assured is a workplace relations solution comprising a suite of benefits (Benefits) which we will provide to, or procure for you (as the case may be) as further described and on the terms and conditions below.

  2.2    Workplace Assured comprises (as further detailed below) the following elements:

       2.2.1    a Compliance Health Check;

       2.2.2    a licence to use the Workplace Assured Standard Documents and Workplace Assured Tailored Documents for the Term;

      2.2.3    Workplace Assured Insurance;

      2.2.4    access to the Workplace Advice Line for the Term; 

      2.2.5    Claim Handling Services with respect to a Workplace Claim under your Workplace Assured Insurance policy; and

      2.2.6    Workplace Assured includes as an option (if you are not already a member of any such Chamber) to become a member of either the NSW Business Chamber, the Tasmanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TCCI), the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Hunter Business Chamber (HBC) or the Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) for the relevant agreed period as detailed below.  

  2.3    Workplace Assured does not include:

      2.3.1    advice or assistance with respect to workplace health and safety;

      2.3.2    legal advice or assistance other than as provided as part of Claim Handling Legal Services, or in connection with the generation of or advice concerning Workplace Assured Bespoke Documents (being a separate service of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors); or 

      2.3.3    anything else not expressly mentioned in this Agreement as an inclusion.

  3.1    When you are accepted as a Workplace Assured Client, you will be entitled to a Compliance Health Check.

  3.2    The Compliance Health Check comprises a review of the then current employment contractual and policy framework of your business. This review will be conducted during business hours by telephone. The review will be conducted by a workplace advisor from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors.

4.    Workplace Assured DOCUMENTS
  4.1    Workplace Assured Documents are classified into 3 categories: (a) Workplace Assured Standard Documents; (b) Workplace Assured Tailored Documents; and (c) Workplace Assured Bespoke Documents. 

  4.2    When you are accepted as a Workplace Assured Client, you will be provided with Welcome Box containing your Workplace Assured Toolkit and your Workplace Assured Client Card.  You will also be provided with access to the Workplace Assured Modern Awards and electronic document retrieval portal.  This portal will include access to: subscribed Modern Awards, Payroll Summaries, Modern Award update circulars and an electronic copy set of core Workplace Assured Standard Documents, Guides and Checklists. 

  4.3    You may contact the Workplace Advice Line to obtain copies of other Workplace Assured Standard Documents from our family of legally compliant workplace documents.  These will be made available to you by email or other methods.   

  4.4    Workplace Assured Tailored Documents are customised versions of Workplace Assured Standard Documents minimally tailored (i.e. within the constraints of the designed document and being amendments such as name and address changes and the like) for your business. These may be obtained via the Workplace Advice Line. 

  4.5    You must provide the Workplace Advice Line with accurate information in response to any of the questions that we may ask in connection with providing you Workplace Assured Standard Documents or Tailored Documents.

  4.6    Workplace Assured Bespoke Documents are documents created specifically for your business workplace needs in circumstances where our existing family of documents are not suitable for your legal requirements or business. 

  4.7    The provision of Workplace Assured Bespoke Documents is a separate legal service provided by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors in accordance with their applicable Client Guide and terms of engagement for legal services.  Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors also provide a suite of other legal services for business.  You may contact them via the Workplace Advice Line. 

  4.8    Workplace Assured Standard Documents and Tailored Documents are intended to assist you in complying with good workplace practices. 

  4.9    Accordingly, for the Term we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right and licence to use such Workplace Assured Standard Documents and Tailored Documents. This right may be exercised only by your Authorised Users.

  4.10    This right of use allows such Authorised Users, on a non-exclusive basis, to view, copy, edit, download and print out Workplace Assured Standard Documents and Tailored Documents provided to you for your own business purposes but only with respect to the relationship (as contemplated by the relevant document) between your business and its employees, or the relationship between your business and persons who provide personal services to your business, provided that you do not remove any copyright, attribution or trade mark  notices contained on the materials.

  4.11    Subject to clause 19, you must not do or permit the following:

      4.11.1    assign, sell, exploit, commercialise, transfer, make available, create derivative versions (except to the extent contemplated by the relevant document or template), re-transmit, upload, post, distribute, grant licenses of, market, rent, lease or hire out to any third party any of your rights in respect of Workplace Assured Standard Documents, Tailored Documents or other rights under this Agreement; 

      4.11.2    provide Workplace Assured Standard Documents or Tailored Documents or electronic copies of the same for the use by a third party directly or indirectly; 

      4.11.3    use or permit the use of the Workplace Assured Standard Documents or Tailored Documents for any third party training or for similar activities; or 

      4.11.4    Use the Workplace Assured Standard Documents or Tailored Documents other than as expressly permitted by this Agreement. 

  5.1    When you are accepted as a Workplace Assured Client, you will be automatically covered by Workplace Assured Insurance under a policy underwritten by CGU (subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant policy). 

  5.2    A copy of the policy terms may be found on the Platform at:

  5.3    The duration of the Workplace Assured Insurance policy as it applies to you and other pertinent terms will be set out in the Quote, policy schedule issued by CGU and the applicable policy wording.

  5.4    In arranging Workplace Assured Insurance we are acting as an authorised representative of CGU.

  5.5    Accordingly, we represent CGU as its agent for the purposes of the facilitation and issue of the Workplace Assured Insurance and for no other purpose in relation to the Workplace Assured Insurance or other products or services of CGU.

  5.6    Workplace Assured Insurance is issued on a 12 month basis and renewable annually.

  6.1    During the Term, you will be entitled to access by telephone the Workplace Advice Line.

  6.2    This entitlement is on a 24/7/365 basis, subject to network or maintenance downtime and any reasonably unforeseen events.

  6.3    Use of the Workplace Advice Line is subject to our Fair Use Policy.

  6.4    The Workplace Advice Line is not a substitute for legal advice by a suitably qualified lawyer tailored for your particular circumstances. It provides general guidance only.

  6.5    If, in our absolute discretion, we consider it appropriate and within the scope of both the Workplace Advice Line services and your Workplace Assured Benefits, your call may be transferred to a lawyer with Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors for the purposes of an escalation to provide you with up to 45 minutes (as appropriate) of advice of a general nature by telephone only. 

  7.1    The Workplace Assured Insurance policy provides cover for Defence Costs in defending or settling any Claim (each as defined and on the terms and conditions of your Workplace Assured Insurance policy).

  7.2    Workplace Assured Insurance includes Claim Handling Services and assistance for an Insured (likewise as so defined).

  7.3    Legal advice and assistance in connection with a Claim dealt with under your policy will be provided by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, subject to its Workplace Assured Client Guide (a copy of which may be found on the Platform at:, the terms and conditions of the policy as well as applicable legislation and rules governing the provision of legal services.

  7.4    You agree that you act as agent for each person (not being you) who is an Insured from time to time for the purposes of the policy and the Benefits under the policy. You confirm that you have disclosed and will promptly disclose to each such person who is an Insured a copy of the policy, the Client Guide and this Agreement.

  7.5    You further agree and consent (for yourself and on behalf of each Insured) that Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors and us may freely communicate with CGU in relation to, any claim that you may make under the Workplace Assured Insurance policy or in connection with this Agreement or the Workplace Assured Client Guide. This includes the right to make disclosures of your confidential information and information, materials and documents that may otherwise be protected by legal professional privilege.

  7.6    The liability of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited is limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation. Legal practitioners employed by or being directors of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited are members of the scheme. This notice must not be removed.

  8.1    If you elect to take up the option of membership of the NSW Business Chamber, TCCI, VCCI, HBC, IBC or BSA (not already being a member of any such Chamber) you will become a member of either NSW Business Chamber, TCCI, VCCI, HBC, IBC or BSA (as we consider is most appropriate for your business and location) for the relevant agreed period as detailed in relevant membership terms and conditions issued by such Chamber from time to time for persons entitled to Workplace Assured Benefits. 

  8.2    Such a membership requires that you accept the relevant terms and conditions of membership (including voting entitlements).  These terms and conditions of membership are available upon request and include an obligation to be bound by the constitution and other relevant constitutional and membership agreements, documents and policies from time to time of NSW Business Chamber, TCCI, VCCI, HBC, IBC or BSA as may apply. 

  8.3    If you become a member of NSW Business Chamber, TCCI, VCCI, HBC, IBC or BSA you will be entitled to certain membership benefits for the period of your membership (including preferential rates for Workplace Assured). Further details may be found at: 

  8.4    If you cease to be entitled to Workplace Assured Benefits and elected to take up the optional membership as contemplated by clause 2.2.6, then you will be deemed to have resigned your membership acquired on such basis.

  8.5    If upon becoming a Workplace Assured Client (or upon renewing your Workplace Assured Benefits) you are already a member of NSW Business Chamber, TCCI, VCCI, HBC, IBC or BSA, you acknowledge that this may result in the reclassification of your membership type based on the size of your business.  

  9.1    The pre-requisites to the provision and procuring by us of Workplace Assured Benefits and acceptance of you as a Workplace Assured Client include: 

      9.1.1    the completion by you (or on your behalf) of the online application via the Platform at or by completion of a relevant application form; and

      9.1.2    such further requirements from time to time determined by us. 

  9.2    The online application is to enable you to provide to us information relevant to your application to become a Workplace Assured Client. 

  9.3    As part of the application process you will receive a Quote. 

  9.4    If you confirm your acceptance of the Quote (by clicking the Submit button or by other means indicate your willingness to be bound), you will be deemed to have made an irrevocable Application for Workplace Assured Benefits on the terms of this Agreement. 

  9.5    At our discretion we may decline or refuse (without giving any reason) an Application for the provision of the Workplace Assured Benefits to you. 

  9.6    This Agreement comes into effect on the Commencement Date when we accept your Application. 

  9.7    Refusal of acceptance as a Workplace Assured Client (either at assessment stage or pursuant to an offer by you to be bound) may be due to various reasons including, without limitation: 

      9.7.1    misrepresentation or non-disclosure; 

      9.7.2    your claims history; 

      9.7.3    eligibility requirements which apply from time-to-time; and 

      9.7.4    Any other factor which we consider relevant. 

  9.8    In no circumstances may you access or receive Workplace Assured Benefits if you have not paid to us in full, all amounts in respect of such benefits, when due.   

  10.1    You will comply with the terms of this Agreement and will not: 

      10.1.1    misrepresent your business, numbers of employees, claims history or other matters in relation to Workplace Assured

      10.1.2    fail to provide all information reasonably requested by us, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, TCCI,  VCCI, HBC, IBC, BSA or CGU; and 

   10.1.3  Fail to comply at your cost with all relevant laws as may be applicable. 

10.2    You are responsible for configuring (as may be relevant) your own IT, computer programs, communications systems and devices as well as browsers and platforms in order to access or benefit from the Workplace Assured Benefits.  

11.1    By using the Platform, you agree to the Platform Access Conditions.  This document comprises Product + Services Conditions for the purposes of the Platform Access Conditions. 

11.2    Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, we reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to the Platform, or other materials comprising a part of the Platform at any time without notice. In no event will we have any liability (subject to clause 15) in connection with making any such changes. We may also impose limits on the use of or access to certain or all features or portions of the Platform, in any case and without notice or liability. 

11.3    If you fail, or we consider on reasonable grounds that you have failed, to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, we may, in our sole discretion and without notice to you, preclude or prevent your access to the Platform (or any part of it).

  12.1    You shall pay to us or such other relevant person all Fees when required. 

  12.2    The Fees shall be detailed in your Quote. 

  12.3    Your Quote takes account of your claims history and risk profile at the time of Quote. If your circumstances change materially (in the opinion of CGU, us or another relevant person) then we may invite you to pay an increased Fee (to take account of that material change in circumstances) in lieu of us exercising a right of termination under clause 18. 

  12.4    You may pay for Workplace Assured either: 

      12.4.1    in monthly instalments during the Term as determined by us, payable by credit card or by electronic funds transfer to our nominated bank account; or 

      12.4.2    In full within 30 days of the date of issue of your invoice for Workplace Assured (invoices are ordinarily issued on a yearly basis). 

  12.5    For the avoidance of doubt, the full amount of Fees for the Term is due for payment by you upon our acceptance of you as a Workplace Assured Client.  Any arrangement we may reach with you for the payment of Fees in monthly instalments (which shall include a proportionate amount for pro-rated payment of the applicable premium for the Workplace Assurance Insurance policy cover) or on a yearly basis is to assist your cash-flow but is an arrangement that may be withdrawn, varied or revoked by us at any time. 

  12.6    In the event that any payment is not received by us or other relevant person by the due date, we, CGU and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors shall be entitled to withhold or suspend Benefits and any collateral services (including rights under the Workplace Assured Insurance policy) until such payment is received and, in the case of the policy, may result in its cancellation. 

  12.7    In the event that any payment by you is not made when due and payable to us, interest on any unpaid amount shall accrue at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) during the period of non-payment, or such lower rate as may be the maximum rate permitted under applicable law. 

  12.8    We may pay commissions or other amounts to authorised resellers, distributors or other persons in connection with this Agreement. 

  12.9    All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

  13.1    You acknowledge and agree that (despite any provisions to the contrary in our Privacy Policy) we may provide all information (including any personal information), documents, marketing materials, video material, samples and other things provided by you to us in connection with this Agreement and Workplace Assured to our Affiliated Entities (including for these purposes CGU, HBC, IBC, VCCI TCCI  and BSA) and prospective buyers or potentially interested persons or buyers. 

  13.2    You agree to comply with our Privacy Policy as  well as any applicable privacy policy of CGU, TCCI, VCCI, IBC, HBC, BSA and Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (to the extent relevant). 

  14.1    Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, we warrant that your permitted and lawful use of the Platform will not infringe upon any person’s Intellectual Property Rights.

  14.2    We do not (subject to clause 15 and any relevant laws) warrant that: 

      14.2.1    the Platform is error-free or that such errors or defects may be corrected; 

      14.2.2    use of or performance of the Platform will be uninterrupted; 

      14.2.3    the functions of the Platform will operate in combinations selected by you; 

      14.2.4    the results obtained from Workplace Assured or the Benefits will be in accordance with your expectations; or

      14.2.5    that Workplace Assured or the Benefits will be fit for your purposes. 

  14.3    We do not make any representation or warranty that any Workplace Assured Documents or that any advice provided by the Workplace Advice Line will be reliable, accurate or complete, nor do we accept any responsibility arising in any way from errors or omissions and we make no commitment to update advice given. Such advice and documents is necessarily of general application only and may not be tailored for specific circumstances. 

  14.4    You warrant that as part of the application process you have: 

      14.4.1    provided all attributes and accurate information requested; 

      14.4.2    stated the desired Start Date; 

      14.4.3    answered all questions truthfully, honestly and not omitted any information that may render any answer or information misleading; 

      14.4.4    disclosed all information that may be material to the decision to accept you as a Workplace Assured Client; and 

      14.4.5    Have and will do all other things requested by us, CGU or Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (as applicable) from time to time. 

  14.5    The interpretation of any statement contained in any warranty or representation in this Agreement will not be restricted by reference to or inference from any other statement contained in any other warranty or representation.  

  15.1    Certain provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and State, Territory or Commonwealth laws in Australia, as amended or replaced from time to time (collectively, ACL) provide consumers (as that expression is used in the ACL) and others with certain statutory rights in relation to goods and/or services acquired by those persons (collectively, the consumer guarantees). 

  15.2    Nothing in this Agreement excludes, restricts or modifies or purports to have the effect of excluding, restricting, limiting or modifying any condition, warranty, term or consumer guarantee specified or contemplated by the ACL or our liability under any such condition, warranty, term or guarantee or gives rise to any liability on our part or qualifies our liability in each case to the extent the same is unlawful or not permitted.

  15.3    Subject to clauses 15.2 and 15.5, we do not give any guarantee, indemnity or warranty or make any representation of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the supply by us of any goods or services to any person, except as expressly set out in clause 14.1 of this Agreement. 

  15.4    Subject to clauses 15.2 and 15.5, our aggregate liability for breach of or liabilities under or in respect or in connection with this Agreement and our duties at law and in equity (however arising) whether in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence), under statute, at common law, under any indemnity or guarantee and on any other basis is limited at our option to: 

      15.4.1    in the case of goods - the replacement of the goods, the supply of equivalent goods, the repair of the goods, the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or 

      15.4.2    In the case of services - the supply of the  services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again. 

  15.5    In no circumstances, but subject to clauses 15.2 and 15.6, will we be liable for any indirect or special or consequential loss or damage arising out of, in connection with or relating to the performance, breach, termination or non-observance of this Agreement.  Each Party agrees that loss of profits, revenue, goodwill, bargain, opportunities, loss or corruption of data or loss of anticipated savings however and whenever occurring, will constitute indirect or special or consequential loss or damage and none are in the contemplation of the Parties. 

  15.6    If section 23 of the ACL applies to any provisions in this Agreement, any such provision(s) shall be void to the extent it is unfair within the meaning of section 24 of the ACL. 

  16.1    You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, expenses arising, directly or indirectly, in relation to:

      16.1.1    a breach of this Agreement and/or the Workplace Assured Insurance policy by you or an Insured; 

      16.1.2    damage to goods or property; 

      16.1.3    the death or personal injury of any person; 

      16.1.4    misleading or deceptive conduct or conduct which may be misleading or deceptive; 

      16.1.5    non-disclosure or breach of duty (including the duty of utmost good faith to CGU); and

      16.1.6    your or an Insured’s non-compliance with any relevant laws. 

  17.1    You shall notify us in writing if you become aware of any infringement of any of our Intellectual Property Rights.

  17.2    You acknowledge our exclusive right, title and interest in and to any and all Intellectual Property Rights embodied in or pertaining to Workplace Assured and associated materials (including for these purposes rights licensed to us) and that our right, title and interest in such Intellectual Property Rights, including any enhancements, modifications and derivative works, shall at all times be and remain our exclusive property. You shall acquire no rights whatsoever in or to any such Intellectual Property Rights except as expressly permitted by this Agreement. 

  17.3    Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, all rights, including but not limited to all Intellectual Property Rights related to or arising in respect of or this Agreement, Workplace Assured and our business (collectively, Relevant Rights), are expressly reserved to us and you must not use the Relevant Rights without our prior written consent.  You shall acquire no Relevant Rights and must not claim ownership of or a right to use any Relevant Rights in any form or manner except as expressly permitted by this Agreement. 

  18.1    We may terminate this Agreement (including your right to receive Workplace Assured Benefits) by notice in writing to you if: 

      18.1.1    you fail to pay any sum payable under or in respect of this Agreement, on or before the due date for payment of that sum; 

      18.1.2    you cancel a direct debit instruction; 

      18.1.3    we decide to withdraw Workplace Assured or the Benefits; 

      18.1.4    CGU declines to renew your Workplace Assured Insurance or imposes terms or a premium which we consider onerous or not suitable for your continuance as a Workplace Assured Client; 

      18.1.5    your claims history, risk profile or other circumstances change materially (in the opinion of CGU, us or another relevant person); 

      18.1.6    you cease to be insured under the Workplace Insured policy due to your default;

      18.1.7    we end an applicable trial or evaluation period; or 

      18.1.8    You breach any term of this Agreement and you do not remedy the default or breach (if capable of remedy) to our full satisfaction within 5 days after your receipt  of a notice from us specifying the relevant breach; and such termination becomes effective on the date that notice in writing is delivered to you. 

  18.2    Upon termination of this Agreement neither party will have any further obligations under this Agreement other than:

      18.2.1    in respect of any liability for antecedent breach; 

      18.2.2    as contemplated by clause 18.3; or 

      18.2.3    Any liability in respect of provisions of this Agreement which are expressed to continue in full force and effect notwithstanding termination. 

  18.3    Upon termination of this Agreement, you must immediately: 

      18.3.1    cease to use the non-public areas, pages and facilities of the Platform; and 

      18.3.2     Destroy all copies of log-in details and passwords. 

  18.4    The following clauses of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect notwithstanding termination of this Agreement: clauses 7 (claims handling), 8.5 (resignation as member), 12 (fees due + interest), 13 (privacy + disclosures), 15 (statutory guarantees + limitation of liability) 17 (intellectual property rights), 18.2 to 18.4 inclusive (termination), 19 (assignment), 20 (governing law) and 21 (definitions).

  19.1    You may not assign, sub-licence, dispose of or otherwise transfer this Agreement or any rights or obligations under this Agreement or the Benefits without our prior written permission. 

  19.2    We may assign, in part or in full, our rights under this Agreement without your consent.

  19.3    Subject to this clause 19, this Agreement shall be binding on the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns. 

This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales which shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any disputes.

  21.1    Personal pronouns:  Except where the context otherwise provides or requires:

      21.1.1    the terms we, us or our refers to the NSW Business Chamber (or its assignee or successor in title); and 

      21.1.2    The terms you or your refers to the user, recipient of or applicant for Workplace Assured and the person entering into this Agreement. 

  21.2    In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires or provides: 

      21.2.1    Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors means Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited in its personal capacity and as trustee of the Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Trust (ACN 146 318 783). Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited is wholly-owned by the NSW Business Chamber. 

      21.2.2    Affiliated Entities means NSW Business Chamber’s subsidiaries, affiliates, associated entities and relevant partners as the case may be or the context requires from time to time. 

      21.2.3    ABSG means Australian Business Solutions Group which is a division and trademark of NSW Business Chamber and its relevant Affiliated Entities. 

      21.2.4    Agreement means the agreement on the terms of the Quote and this document.  This Agreement comes into force on the Commencement Date. 

      21.2.5    Application means the application and offer by you (including by way of a renewal or request to extend a period), or on your behalf, to receive or enjoy Workplace Assured howsoever submitted or provided (including by an online application via a Platform, order form, contract for purchase, request in writing or orally, as the case may be) and whether directly or indirectly (such as via an authorised agent, distributor or reseller). 

      21.2.6    Authorised Users means any person employed by you or we otherwise treat as being your employee (subject to any relevant conditions or terms we may from time to time impose acting reasonably) a right to use the Workplace Assured Benefits on your behalf. 

      21.2.7    Benefits has the meaning set out in clause 2. 

      21.2.8    CGU means Insurance Australia Limited (ACN 000 016 722 + AFSL 227681), trading as CGU Insurance (CGU), its assignees and successors in title. 

      21.2.9    Claim Handling Services is as described in clause 7. 

      21.2.10   Commencement Date means the date of acceptance by us of an Application in respect of the purchase of Workplace Assured.  Acceptance shall be communicated to you in writing. 

      21.2.11   Compliance Health Check has the meaning given in clause 3. 

      21.2.12   Fair Use Policy means our fair use policy from time to time for use of the Workplace Advice Line, a copy of which may be found on the Platform at 

      21.2.13   Fees mean the fees payable by you in respect of the Workplace Assured Benefits from time to time. 

      21.2.14   Intellectual Property Rights means all present and future intellectual and industrial property rights subsisting in any and all media and materials (whether now known or created in the future), conferred by statute, at common law or in equity and wherever existing. 

     21.2.15   IT means information technology. 

      21.2.16   NSW Business Chamber means NSW Business Chamber Limited (ACN 000 014 504) of 140 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060. 

      21.2.17   Platform Access Conditions means the terms and conditions of access to the Platform and the NSWBC Platform and any additional terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers displayed elsewhere on the Platforms or NSWBC Platform, as amended from time to time. 

      21.2.18   Platform means 

      21.2.19   Products + Services Conditions means relevant and applicable terms and conditions for the supply of products and services of or by New South Wales Business Chamber, ABSG or Affiliated Entities applicable to your NSW Business Chamber membership or purchased or contracted by you, as amended from time to time. 

      21.2.20   Privacy Policy means the privacy policy of the NSW Business Chamber, as amended from time to time, the most relevant one for the purposes of this Agreement being as found on the Platform. 

      21.2.21   Quote means a quote for your participation as a Workplace Assured Client, including the Fees payable, relevant Term and other pertinent terms and conditions (which is deemed to incorporate the terms and conditions of this document). A Quote is an invitation to treat. 

      21.2.22   Start Date means the date which we have agreed (pursuant to your Application) as being the Service Start Date for and eligibility to receive your Workplace Assured Benefits. 

      21.2.23   Term means, from the Start Date, the applicable period for which you have elected or agreed to be provided with Workplace Assured Benefits (subject to earlier termination in accordance with this Agreement). 

      21.2.24   Workplace Advice Line is as described in clause 6. 

      21.2.25   Workplace Assured has the meaning described in clause 2. 

      21.2.26   Workplace Assured Client means a person who has contracted for and is entitled to receive the Benefits of Workplace Assured pursuant to an Application. 

      21.2.27   Workplace Assured Client Guide means the terms and conditions for the supply of legal services by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors in relation to Claims Handling Legal Services. 

      21.2.28   Workplace Assured Insurance means the Employment Practices Liability Insurance provided by CGU on the terms of the relevant insurance policy and schedule issued by CGU, details of which may be found in the relevant PDS. 

      21.2.29   Workplace Assured Documents comprise: 

   Workplace Assured Standard Documents; 

   Workplace Assured Tailored Documents; and 

   Workplace Assured Bespoke Documents, as described in clause 4.

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