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If I call the 24/7 Workplace Advice Line and the advisor isn't available after hours, when can I expect a response?
Our workplace advisors are on-call 24/7 at 1300 579 162 for Workplace Assured clients. If you have an emergency and our team are unavailable to take the call at the time, never fear, you will get a call back within 4 hours where the call was made between 10pm and 6am. That's our promise.
What kind of questions would the 24/7 Workplace Advice Line answer?
Our friendly workplace relations advisors will answer any question you have that relate to employment practices and liabilities - for example, employment contracts, dismissals, annual leave entitlements, superannuation obligations, award payment rates, to name just a few.

If you're unsure, just call us anyway. You have unlimited access to the Workplace Advice Line and we are here to help. We're not about legal-speak and complex explanations. Our team won't finish the call without you completely understanding what you need to do.
Is there a limit to how many times I can call the Workplace Advice Line?
Absolutely not. Unlimited advice is all part of the service. You can call in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn if you want to, and our team will encourage you to stay on the line until your query is resolved.
What is a ‘known circumstance’?
A 'known circumstance' is a circumstance that a reasonable person - in the insured’s professional position - should have known might result in a claim being made against them.
What is a 'circumstance'?
A 'circumstance' is an incident in which a reasonable person in the insured’s professional position, would have thought might result in a claim being made against them.
What is a 'notifiable circumstance'?
In all cases, you must contact our Workplace Advice Line if you believe a 'circumstance' has occurred.  We will only know if it was a 'circumstance' that should have been made known to us once a claim is actually received. 

For example, "I fired someone so that person could take action against me" is not a 'circumstance' if we were to solely go by that statement.  

However, if the situation was in fact that the employer has reason to believe that action may be taken (employee verbally threatened to take action, overheard internal staff conversations, actual receipt of litigation papers etc.), then this would be considered a 'notifiable circumstance' requiring notice to Workplace Assured. 
Does Workplace Assured believe in avoiding claims at all costs?
Not at all. Managing risk is not the same as avoiding risk. That’s why Workplace Assured goes beyond prevention at any cost and puts your individual business needs first. We won’t give you sterile or zero-risk answers. Rather, we’ll work with you to balance delivering the best outcomes for your business against the relevant legal and risk considerations. Think of ABLA as the lawyers in your corner. Whatever course of action you decide on, they’ll stand behind you 100%.
What happens in the event of a claim? What do I need to do?
If an employee has made a claim, always call the Workplace Advice Line at 1800 505 529 first to seek advice. Our team will ensure you fully understand the scope of the claim and walk you through the next steps on getting representation and insurance coverage.
If a claim is made against my business, will my monthly or annual fee increase?

Not immediately, however, a complete premium review is done each year and if there was a claim prior to the review, this may or may not increase the fee. As a client of Workplace Assured, your business is insured for up to $2m for any single workplace relations claim involving one or more claimants. The $2m insurance covers judgements, settlements, interest, damages, legal defence costs and civil liabilities.

What if a claim arises and the incident in question happened in the past – before I signed up?
You are covered for claims arising from anywhere in the world - excluding USA and Canada. Even if the claim was in relation to past actions prior to the policy start date, you're covered as long as the claim is made during the period of the current active policy and is not a known circumstance. You, as the insured, must notify Workplace Assured of any circumstance or claim as soon as you become aware of the circumstance or claim. As long as they meet the terms and conditions of the coverage, your claim should be covered. Details are found in the Policy Wording here.
We’re so time-poor, my business’s hiring process is in a shambles. Can you help us get systems in place?
Sure can. Your fixed fee includes an easy-to-use Toolkit containing all the contract templates, policies and forms you need to manage risk in your business. It also breaks down key risk areas, common mistakes employers make and up-to-date information on minimum wages, awards and employment conditions specific to your employees.
Will I receive WHS documents and advice?
The Workplace Assured service does not currently include WHS related advice, documents or legal coverage via insurance.

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