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3 most common Anzac Day employment questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive around this particular holiday period.
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3 most common Anzac Day employment questions

3 most common Anzac Day employment questions

21 April 2017

So the one day off can turn into a full on binge weekend for some staff. How you do handle it if they bring it to your workplace?
Here are some of the most common questions we receive around this particular holiday period. If you would like a tailored and bespoke response to your own individual question related to your workplace, please contact our free Employer Advice Line on 1300 496 955.

“If an employee arrives in an unfit state to work, can I send them home?”

Yes. You can send an employee home and can take disciplinary action when they return to work. Approach the situation with discretion and tact, citing the employee as “unwell".
Being more pointed with your reason is problematic as it would require a positive drug and/or alcohol test as evidence.

“If an employee turns up to work drunk, can I fire them on the spot?”

Dismissal and strong disciplinary actions are difficult to implement without proof.
However, if you have stated specific behaviours as grounds for instant dismissal in the employment contract or company policy, you can proceed with dismissal because the reason and offensive activity are explicitly connected (if you’re not entirely sure how this applies to your workplace, call the free Employer Advice Line on 1300 496 955 ).
The classic scenario is an employee who arrives at work visibly affected, and then continues to display offensive behaviour, such as harassing patrons or acting aggressively towards with staff.
Bottom line: act with tact. If you’re not certain of what actions you should or shouldn’t take as an employer, call the free Employer Advice Line a call on 1300 496 955.

"I’ll have a few work beers with the team – that’s all gravy, right?”

Easy, tiger... if you are planning on having a few casual drinks after work on the premises, make sure staff are all aware of the drug and alcohol policy. What’s more, provide information on safe travel options home.
Bottom line: what your employees choose to do after a staff event is still tied back to you as their employer.

Opening times

Check your opening times. Most businesses are not permitted to open prior to 1pm, however there are exemptions. Click here for more information. 
We’ve got your back, jack. If you aren’t sure what might be right or wrong when it comes to handling staff around the public holiday period, give our award winning employment relations experts a call free of charge on the Employer Advice Line 1300 496 955.
Have a memorable and safe Anzac Day. 

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