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5 Golden Rules for End of Year Parties

Don't we all look to the end of year party as a release from a long year of hard work? For all of you business owners and HR managers, you know tha
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5 Golden Rules for End of Year Parties

5 Golden Rules for End of Year Parties

3 December 2018

Your end of year party will be here sooner than you think and with it, the potential for some risky behaviour. 
Workplace Assured wants you to be ready and with help from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, we have put together a webinar for you to check out – 5 Golden Rules for End of Year Parties.

Common questions will be answered in the webinar including religious considerations, employees not turning up to work after the party and conduct occurring outside the workplace. This webinar will help to ensure your event is one to remember, for the right reasons.

Find out:
•    Why party planning matters – a lot!
•    What policies you should have in place (at a minimum)
•    How to manage unruly behaviour at the party
•    What happens once the post party stories emerge 
•    What reminders employers must give to their staff 

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