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Are casuals entitled to Redundancy payments?

Regular and systematic casual employment that immediately precedes a period of permanent employment must be counted as continuous service.
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Are casuals entitled to Redundancy payments?

Are casuals entitled to Redundancy payments?

23 August 2016

Our members hear it first
The eyes of the Fair Work Commission are always watching to ensure employees are being paid correctly. If you have employees covered by these Awards, we recommend you update your pay packets pronto or risk hefty fines and an unsavoury reputation as an employer – even if you think you pay above the Award rate anyway. The terms of an Award still apply to an employee despite the business paying over award rates. The exception is for high-income employees.


Checks and balances

Workplace Assured members never miss a wage rate update or amendment to legislation. As soon as rates are adjusted, we alert our members by email and they can log onto our website to access them. With talk of weekend rates being abolished and an election looming, it’s more important than ever to stay informed.
If, as a member, you have any problems finding the new wage info or understanding it, you call our Workplace Advice Line 24/7 and one of our advisers will hold your hand and walk you through exactly how to find the information they need.
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