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Are you prepared for a Fair Work Ombudsman audit?

Has the Fair Work Ombudsman come knocking on your door yet? Your best strategy is to stay compliant.
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Are you prepared for a Fair Work Ombudsman audit?

Are you prepared for a Fair Work Ombudsman audit?

18 July 2018

Has the Fair Work Ombudsman come knocking on your door yet? The ombudsman is currently conducting audits in 1,000 randomly selected businesses across Australia. It is essential for businesses to ensure compliance in all workplace relations matters before the inspectors comes knocking.

According to the ombudsman’s most recent NSW audit campaigns report, 48% of all audited businesses were non-compliant with all requirements. This resulted in over $430,000 of pay recovered for 629 employees.

The maximum penalty for failing to keep official employee records or issuing false records is $63,000 for a company, and $12,600 for an individual.

Getting ready for an audit

Why are they coming?

The inspectors are checking time and wage records in a wide range of industries to ensure businesses are complying with the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) and other Commonwealth workplace laws.

Who are they looking at?

The Fair Work Ombudsman will be focused on a variety of industries and compliance areas as part of the campaign. However, businesses employing a large number of vulnerable workers such as casuals, temporary visa-holders and students are on the top of their list.

Once businesses are selected, their key focus will be on payslips and record keeping – while paying close attention to those staff members who would be classed as young or vulnerable workers.

How will I know if I’m being audited?

You will be advised via a letter from the Fair Work Ombudsman that you have been selected for an audit. They will ask you to supply copies of timesheets and payslips for your employees and submit those along with other requested information. The audit consists of five steps: contact, records returned, assessment, outcome and finalisation.

Best strategy is to become compliant

Your best strategy is to become compliant so take our free Risk Profiler quiz to get a personalised compliance report on your business' compliance health.

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