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Employers sick of sickies

NSW Business Chamber says employers and work colleagues will not be fooled by this year’s post Australia Day celebratory sickies.
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Employers sick of sickies

Employers sick of sickies

19 January 2017

The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, says employers and work colleagues will not be fooled by this year’s post Australia Day celebratory sickies.

“The message to anyone who takes a ‘sickie’ on the Friday after Australia Day is that it is not going to go unnoticed by your employer or your colleagues and it is likely to damage your professional reputation,” said Stephen Cartwright, NSW Business Chamber Chief Executive.

“This time of year our membership advice line receives a lot of calls from employers concerned about their employees breaching leave policies. Nobody is fooled by the long weekend ‘sickie’,” Mr Cartwright said.
“Employers are urging workers to do the right thing by using leave or another entitlement if they are seeking an extra break.

“The impact of staff taking a ‘mass sick day’ on a business is significant – not only in financial costs but also on lost productivity. Some small businesses may not even be able to open their doors.

“I’d encourage employers to be supportive of leave requests for the long weekend and work with their staff to accommodate these requests as best they can in their business operation.

"That can only happen however if the discussions are held now so proper rostering can be put in place – next week, on the eve of Australia Day, is too late to be having this important conversation.

“While you may think taking a sickie is harmless fun following a Public Holiday, your colleagues won’t be as thrilled in having to pick up the slack, and the damage to your professional reputation could take a long time to repair.

“Having a sick leave policy in place is essential for all businesses large and small. Having a clear policy helps to communicate expectations to staff as well as enable managers to take action when workers are in breach,” Mr Cartwright said.

If you’re unsure if you should be paying staff a certain rate ask a workplace expert by calling the Free Workplace Advice Line for employers on 1300 496 955.

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