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Fast track to success

When business is growing, spending hours searching for reputable HR advice that puts your interests first is a headache you don’t have time for.
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Fast track to success

Fast track to success

1 June 2017

“HR can be a legal minefield, especially if you’re new to it. You are personally and professionally held liable for HR compliance issues that you might think you’re doing right.”
It’s a scenario many HR managers are familiar with:  finding out that an employee has deliberately misled you in an interview - after they’ve started work for you.

"At the end of the first day we had to let him go,” recalls Sonya Fitzsimmons, General Manager of Albury Wodonga-based IT services and solutions business company Techcellence.

For Fitzsimmons, who wears “about 12 hats running the business”, including marketing, administration, payroll and invoicing, it was particularly worrying “because [the employee] demanded a full week’s pay”.

In need of advice she could rely on and a swift turnaround, she turned to Workplace Assured, a service delivered by NSW Business Chamber which aims to eliminate the worry associated with workplace relations.

“The Workplace Assured team were able to help walk me through the process and draw up an exit letter,” she says. “They gave me several options and I felt really knowledgeable about my choices and risk level associated with the exit.”

Don’t put compliance in the hands of Google search
Since opening Techcellence with husband Darin eight years ago, Fitzsimmons has seen business grow at a healthy rate. The company now employs four technicians, servicing almost 200 customers.

With little experience in HR, keeping track of the company’s workplace obligations has proved to be a challenge for Fitzsimmons. In the past when she a problem arose or she had questions, she turned to Google or the Fair Work Ombudsman’s help lines for advice.

“The problem I had with Fair Work is that they didn’t have an interest in my business or how to help me,” she says. “The advice was very much geared towards the employee, rather than a response that was conducive to the safety and longevity of my business.”

Removing risk
“I signed up with Workplace Assured for a couple of reasons,” she adds. “The advice is delivered by a team that sits within the employment lawyers who represent you [should anything go wrong], and the advice isn’t generalised - it is specific to me and my business.”

Ultimately Fitzsimmons believes Workplace Assured is money well-spent.

“HR can be a legal minefield, especially if you’re new to it,” she says. “You are personally and professionally held liable for HR compliance issues that you might think you’re doing right.

“This way, I don’t need to spend countless hours checking Google, then not being sure I’m doing the right thing.”

Workplace Assured provides unlimited access to workplace relations advice, airtight templates and contracts, legal representation when a claim hits, and even coverage for up to $2 million for any resulting claims, losses, damages and legal fees.  To get a quote, click here.

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