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Has your company been tipped?

It has never been easier for Australian workers and their employers to obtain information or provide intelligence about their workplaces, with three o
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Has your company been tipped?

Has your company been tipped?

1 June 2017

Over 10,000 anonymous tipoffs have been made reporting Australian workplaces through the Ombudsman’s Anonymous Report function. Figures show that 65 per cent of people who have used the tool provided information about their current employment. The hospitality sector has been the source of 35 per cent of tip-offs, the largest of any industry, with concerns about flat rates common.

“We’ve used that information to help guide our inspectors when completing audit campaigns. For example, the agency’s Glebe Point Road campaign was informed from information received via our anonymous tipoff function, in addition to other sources,” Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said.

In order to accurately record hours, the Record My Hours app has been downloaded for the 10,000th time, enabling employees to submit and report on their working commitments. The App uses geofencing technology to provide an automatic record of hours spent at work.

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