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Love or leave?

Does Valentine’s Day have to be shared with just your loved ones?
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Love or leave?

Love or leave?

14 February 2017

Maybe coming into the office dressed as cupid and lavishing everyone with rose petals is a ludicrous way to spend Valentine’s Day as a manager. That said, it’s definitely an opportunity to ask yourself if you’re a good employer and reflect on how you lead (and love) your team.

Ready for your 'love test'? Here's a quick checklist to review how well you're retaining and motivating your staff.



Are you a loving employer? Do you treat your staff well? Do you provide opportunities for growth and development?

Let’s find out:
-    Staff are paid the correct modern award rates (if applicable)
-    Staff are paid penalty rates on public holidays 
-    It's easy for staff to access their annual and long service leave 
-    Staff love coming to work and are motivated to do what's necessary without having to be asked 
-    Flexibility is encouraged at the workplace (where reasonable and appropriate)
-    Employment agreements are kept consistently up-to-date to protect both yourself and your employees


Might there be an opportunity for you to improve your management skills and enable your team to reach their full potential? 

Let's find out:
-    Staff are not being paid their correct award rate 
-    Penalty rates are not applied on public holidays 
-    To access annual and long service leave, staff have to jump through hoops 
-    Contracts and agreements haven't been reviewed in years, collecting dust and putting you at risk  
-    There is a high turnover of staff in your organisation

Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to enjoy it!

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