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Managing Employees Public Holiday Checklist

“Public holiday coming up… Have you got everything sorted? Not sure?
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Managing Employees Public Holiday Checklist

Managing Employees Public Holiday Checklist

30 March 2017

Prepare your business for the holidays by understanding the facts, your options and your

“Be prepared, not out of pocket Public holiday coming up…"

Have you got everything sorted? Not sure? Not to worry. Read this and you’ll sail through the holiday period sickie-free and Fair Work-compliant.”



“When the workplace culture is good, people don’t want to pull sickies. They know the whole team suffers when they do – especially now that multihatted roles are so common.

“It’s not about putting the fear of God in your staff so they never call in sick again. It’s about managing them better so they enjoy work, they want to work and you’re doing the right thing by them.


- Encourage staff to apply for annual leave in advance if they wish to take a long weekend. Stress that it’s totally fine to do so, and that either side of a public holiday is a good time.
- Spread the word that medical certificates will be required if anyone calls in sick after a public holiday.
- Make staff aware that by taking a sickie, they’re affecting their friends and colleagues who then have to work twice as hard.
- Remind staff that failing to come into work costs the business money and damages their own professional reputation.


“If you find out an employee has taken a sickie, there are a few actions you can legally take.”
- Make sure you have compelling evidence/proof that the employee misled you. For example, a Facebook picture with the date and time or someone who definitely saw them at such-andsuch festival.

Managing Employees Public Holiday Checklist Call 1300 575 394
- With this proof, you can potentially deny them paid sick leave or pursue disciplinary actions.
- If the employee provides you with a medical certificate, you have to accept it as evidence of their illness.
- If you’re positive it was a sickie, you may be able to get confirmation from the doctor. If they back the illness, there’s nothing further you can do.


“Australian legislation is changing all the time, but ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the Fair Work Commission. Here’s what you must know about public holiday pay and annual leave:”
- Permanent employees who would normally work on a public holiday get their normal pay (if they don’t work)
- Permanent employees who do work the public holiday are paid in accordance with penalty rates from their modern award
- Casual employees who work the public holiday receive public holiday penalty rates depending on their award
- Casual employees who don’t work on the public holiday receive no pay
- If a public holiday falls within a period of annual leave, the public holiday is NOT deducted from.



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