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Minimum Wage Increase

Minimum Wage increase costs business almost $1000 extra per employee
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Minimum Wage Increase

1 June 2016

Minimum Wage increase costs business almost $1000 extra per employee
The minimum wage has increased by 41 cents meaning you could be paying staff an extra $15.80 per week or $821.60 per annum.
The recent decision by The Fair Work Commission to increase minimum wages by 2.4% means you could be paying staff almost $1000 extra per year as the national minimum wages will increase from $656.90 per week or $17.29 per hour to $672.70 per week or $17.70 per hour as of 1 July 2016.
You will need to increase your wages if you have employees covered under:

  • the national minimum wage
  •  a modern award or
  •  a registered agreement (in some cases)
Most employees are covered by an award; however this change also applies to employees who are not covered by an award or agreement.
The change will not affect employees who receive more than the new minimum wage.
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Why Care?:
  • Lodging a claim is cheap as chips - only $68.60
  • 75% of unfair dismissal claims result in compensation payments
  • Legal fees can range from $2,000 - $4,000 a week

Even if you believe that you're doing the right thing by your employees, it may still not be enough to avoid a workplace claim by the employee.


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