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How this business owner grew his team and business by outsourcing HR

If you’re looking to grow in particular, it’s worth knowing you are doing things right from the start -I definitely recommend Workplace Assured
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How this business owner grew his team and business by outsourcing HR

How this business owner grew his team and business by outsourcing HR

14 July 2017

In 2008, Ory Purhonen planted the seeds of his successful web development agency Webics at 14 after developing a voracious knack of building websites from scratch. Ory pursued web development full time after being requested to build websites by family and friends, and wasn’t able to complete year 12 due to the level of interest in his venture.  

Webics grew by word of mouth, and now boasts over 600 clients and a team of over 10 staff. New recruits are planned to join the expanding team to help service growing demand. Ory has had to learn how to transition from delivering the grassroots technical know-how as his day to day role to managing a successful company with growing staff numbers as his full time role. So how does he wear the HR hat whilst still making sure the business continues to deliver to the growing client base? 

“I knew nothing about HR or the legal side of things really. I would spend hours Googling the right award, pay rates and what types of leave my staff are entitled to. This industry is still a bit of a grey area, so it’s really unclear which award could or should apply to my staff, I lost countless hours just trying to find answers.  It was taking up so much time and whenever I had a question I needed a clear cut answer on, I would reach out to my accountant or lawyer. The problem I found with that was that if they didn’t know the answer, they had to research it themselves then come back to me, and I was getting a $100 bill for each question I was asking, it really begins to add up. 

I found that I had to prioritise my time and when you’re growing a business, you need to take immediate action. I needed answers quickly to help me make decisions and progress – waiting weeks for answers can really hinder business operations. I found this a particular frustration in my area of business because we recruit niche skills sets and I need to turn around contracts of offer pretty quickly, I can’t afford to lose talent because it takes too long. 

I’ve learnt from the past that it’s cheaper and easier to get your systems, processes and operations right from the get go. In the case of HR, what I found is that if you don’t have the right clauses in your contract, you’re the one who’s at risk as a business owner. If you make small mistakes, you’re the one who is personally and professionally impacted by the repercussions. Can you imagine how much you’d have to back pay if you paid the wrong rate of pay to one of your staff? 

I found Workplace Assured through my local business chamber. I’ve doubled my business since I’ve been using Workplace Assured and it has really helped streamline the process for recruiting and onboarding new staff, this is great because we’re still growing too. The interview templates and contracts are fantastic – all I need to do is add staff names and addresses, and that’s it. I was previously using a really clunky HR contract system prior to Workplace Assured and when small details were omitted I had to start the contract all over again – another really time consuming task. 

Wearing my HR hat was a bit piecemeal before – I was contacting my accountant and lawyer for specific advice, then pulling contracts together in another system and doing a lot of the legal research myself too – now I can do all of it with one partner who does it all for me. Whenever I have a question, I just call the Workplace Assured advice line and I access a whole team of workplace advisors who give me specific answers to my exact questions within seconds. They know my business and industry - they can give me the right advice. All of the contracts are templated so I just need to fill in staff details, and the rest is done for me and the best part is that I know it’s all legally compliant and I’m protected personally and as an employer. 

If you’re looking to grow in particular, it’s worth knowing you are doing things right from the start. Unless you have the time to spend Googling, researching, liaise with your accountant and lawyer to get your employment contracts, terms and entitlements right (I don’t know any business owners who do) I definitely recommend Workplace Assured – it’s a small outlay for a huge return on investment, I’d be lost without it.” 

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