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Sydney workers paid $10 an hour

Two employee were paid $10 who have been back-paid more than $50,000 following a Fair Work investigation.
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Sydney workers paid $10 an hour

12 April 2016

Two employee were paid $10 an hour among a group of Sydney workers who have been back-paid more than $50,000 following a Fair Work investigation.

An 18-year-old receptionist and 39-year-old administrative assistant should have been paid more than $17 an hour and were short-changed $8100 and $6400 respectively.

The employees attempted to resolve the pay dispute with their employer but did not succeed. Following the involvement of the Fair Work Ombudsman, the business reimbursed all outstanding entitlements without the need for enforcement action.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says “employers must ensure they understand the wage rates applicable to the business, including minimum hourly rates, penalty rates and termination entitlements.”

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