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The link between compliance and customer loyalty

“If I had my wish, every person in the company would be a ‘service manager’,” Colin Henson at Adssi HomeLiving Australia.
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The link between compliance and customer loyalty

The link between compliance and customer loyalty

6 August 2018

“If I had my wish, every person in the company would be a ‘service manager’,” says Colin Henson, People and Culture Manager at Adssi HomeLiving Australia (a member since 2012). “Because that’s what we all do, ultimately; we provide a service.”

In reality Adssi HomeLiving Australia helps more than 10,000 elderly clients a year “live independently in their homes for as long as possible”, through the provision of services ranging from cleaning and meal preparation to home modification.

Changes to the way aged care is funded means that the Tuggerah-based organisation has in recent years had to transition from a community organisation with some flexibility in funding models to a business which must service clients’ specific needs within the parameters of the often quite limited budget allocated to them.

“We accept referrals from clients based on whether we can provide them with the best possible support,” says Henson. “This means that sometimes we provide services to a client at a loss.”

Singing from the same hymn sheet

With client experience at the heart of Adssi HomeLiving Australia’s business strategy, a key part of Henson’s role is ensuring that everyone, from care workers to tradies, is “on the same page”.

“We understand that client experience is linked to our staff experience,” he says. “So we put a lot of effort and time into hiring people with the right attitude and then keeping those people engaged and aligned to our values.”

The big challenge for Henson is “to remain creative and retain the vision that we have for our staff and our culture in a time when we're doing more with less”.

With the Federal Government continuing to look closely at how to best get value for money in the aged care sector, and a basic need to ensure the business remains sustainable, he anticipates that attracting and retaining the quality employees that give the business its edge will become more difficult.

24/7 confidence 

Ensuring that the business is an employer of choice through the provision of attractive conditions and best practice compliance is vital.

Helping Adssi HomeLiving Australia to achieve its goals is Workplace Assured (WPA), a service backed by the expertise of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA).

Not only did WPA audit all of Adssi HomeLiving’s HR systems, policies and procedures to ensure they represent best practice, being able to call the Workplace Advice Line round-the clock for workplace relations advice or a referral to a lawyer is a plus.

Although compliance is in Adssi HomeLiving Australia’s “DNA”, Henson says “Workplace Assured gives me confidence that I understand the risk and boundaries when putting in arrangements to benefit our staff and ultimately our clients”.

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Workplace Assured is a proactive employment relations solution. Let us handle your workplace relations risks while you focus on your business. Need any help with your workplace relations? Give us a call on our free advice line for employers 1300 575 394.

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