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Webinar: JobKeeper & Fair Work Act Amendments

Join us for a free webinar on what these changes mean for your business.
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Webinar: JobKeeper & Fair Work Act Amendments

Webinar: JobKeeper & Fair Work Act Amendments

17 April 2020

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The JobKeeper wage subsidy legislation has just been passed which means dramatic amendments to the Fair Work Act.
Join the legal experts from Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors (ABLA) and Workplace Assured for a free webcast on what all the changes mean for your business.
The new laws override any modern award, enterprise agreement or employment contract.
Employers have been given new powers under these changes, however, they must pass specific tests and qualifications which are complex to understand.
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Tuesday 21st April, 12-1pm (AEST)


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Webinar presenter

Luis Izzo
Managing Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

Luis oversees ABLA's Sydney Workplace Relations practice and has over a decade’s experience practicing as a specialist employment and industrial relations lawyer acting for a broad range of employers across both the private and public sector.

Our award-winning law firm Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) are our legal experts that back Workplace Assured; the State and Territory Chambers national, proactive and 24/7 employment relations solution for businesses.


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