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Watch what this business did when their employee stormed out

See how Christine McKay Financial Controller at Vetafarm managed when asked to "help out a bit with HR".
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Watch what this business did when their employee stormed out

20 June 2016

See how Christine McKay Financial Controller at Vetafarm managed "helping a with a little bit of HR" as the company grew by employing 12 people in just 12 months. 

Vetafarm provides companion animal health and welfare products and services. 

See how Christine managed to embed best HR work practices whilst wearing her Financial Controller hat at Vetafarm. 

Please see full transcript below: 

I work in an office where I have guinea pigs, lizards, birds

Ok i was employed as the finance manager and could I help with a little bit of HR and we've hired 12 people in the last 12 months so a big 0:19part of my role went HR because we operate from two different sites we have our sales and marketing here in town and manufacturing plants out at Bowman so we have people in two different sites so we have to make sure we've got good management in both sides.

Based on the fact that we have over 40 employees when we got our quote for Workplace Assured we weren't sure how it would work.

I looked at the dollar value and looked at what you got for your money we can pay it by the month which is fantastic cash flow wise.

I got the value out of the 12 month subscription in the first three months of being a customer.

It's brilliant especially when you've got an occurrence like we have had in out at the manufacturing plant where a staff members has had an issue you know there's been an argument or heated argument. We actually had somebody storm out which I had happen so it's good to be able to pick up the phone and then and they and get the answers that I need before the circumstance escalates to a point of out-of-control to the point where it's going to cost the company money.

We don't need any downtime when we also don't need to be paying out money for something that could have been avoided. With Workplace Assured being on the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I have spent over an hour in one conversation making sure that I understood that what I was doing was correct as had I not had Workplace Assured on the phone I'm sure there would have been on the phone to a solicitor and paid a lot of money and got the same result.

But I think Workplace Assured has a better understanding a lot of issues even just the documentation. If you feel you're just miss one piece of documentation it can be it can be the difference between a good and a bad outcome. To employ so many people in such a short space of time as well as trying to manage the finance Workplace Assured has helped me with the research and development.

We discussed it we think it's one of the best business decision we've ever made in the company.

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