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What's the real cost of non-compliance to your business?

From reinstatement of a dismissed employee to unlimited damages that could go into hundreds of thousands of dollars. What could you be hit by?
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What's the real cost of non-compliance to your business?

1 July 2016

What's the cost of getting workplace compliance wrong?

Businesses have to deal with a really complex set of rules when it comes to managing employees. As difficult as that is, what's the cost to you if you get it wrong in the eyes of the law? Be clear, the business or even you could have to write a cheque for fines incurred on your watch in cases concerning:


  • Incorrect rates of pay

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Harassment or discrimination

Hear Joe Murphy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, break down the jargon and inform you of what you could face as a penalty for getting it wrong - from reinstating a disruptive employee to uncapped damages that could cripple the business or your personal finances.

How can you be sure this never happens to you?
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Audit what you're doing - from how much your employees are paid (the minimum wage just increased July 2016) and making sure you have legally-reviewed contracts, warnings, performance reviews and dismissals to the letter.

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