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What’s the deal with personal leave?

For each year of service with his or her employer, a full-time employee is entitled to 10 days of personal/carer’s leave. It accrues from year to year
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What’s the deal with personal leave?

What’s the deal with personal leave?

26 August 2016

The employee may be asked to provide evidence to satisfy a reasonable person that the employee is required to provide care or support to a member of the employee’s immediate family or household (ie medical certificate or statutory declaration).

At the employer’s discretion
An employee can take more than two days’ personal leave at a time – but only if the employer agrees.  An employer has no obligation to offer ongoing unpaid carer’s leave. An employee is only entitled to two days (or as otherwise agreed) per permissible occasion.

For example, an employee caring for a child with a long term illness would only be entitled to two days of unpaid leave, unless the employer agreed otherwise. However, if they returned to work and their spouse fell ill, they would be entitled to another two days of unpaid leave.

How much notice is required?
Notice must be given to the employer as soon as practicable (which may be at a time after the leave has started), and the employee must advise of the period, or expected period, of the leave.
Can accrued personal leave be used as mat leave?
A female employee who has accrued paid/personal carer’s leave may take that leave where they would otherwise have to take unpaid special maternity leave due to suffering from a pregnancy-related illness or experiencing a miscarriage/stillbirth.
Can an employee take personal leave to have elective surgery?
An employee who is not fit for work as a result of elective surgery may take paid personal leave.
There’s more to the Personal Leave story, but there you have some the basic rules and common Qs.


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