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What's the Legal Compliance Review

Saying it like it is with Joe Murphy - What is Workplace Assured's legal compliance review?
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What's the Legal Compliance Review

6 April 2017

Hear from Joe Murphy, Managing Director - National Workplace, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA), break down Workplace Assured's legal compliance review service - a key part of how your business gets proactive compliance protection from workplace risks.

Video Transcription

Breakdown #1 - Avoiding a costly claim

If a business is going to... Doesn't have the time to do this, needs someone else to do it, then the Workplace Assured product is ideal. You will get a desktop audit, so you'll have a lawyer speaking to you about what arrangements you've got in place in your business.

It might be news that you're not happy to hear, but at least you'll hear it from a trusted advisor and not from a party who's making a claim against the business. If you can get a heads up about a shortfall in your current compliance, that is you might be paying someone the wrong rates, you might not be paying them the allowances you're supposed to be paying them, you might not be paying them under the right award.

In which case, at least you find out on your own terms and not someone else's terms. Because if you're finding out on someone else's terms, then they're likely to be suing you, holding you over a barrel, asking for penalties, asking for legal costs, and that's an undesirable situation to be in. It's much better if you found out for yourself, you've had your compliance check, and you can go about [it] quietly and nicely and often very amicably resolving that with the employees wherever there is an issue.

About Workplace Assured

Workplace Assured is a proactive employment relations solution. Our services include proactive legal compliance review, 24/7 access to employment relations advice, documentation and awards servicing, employment practices liability insurance* and legal representation in the event of a claim. Let us handle your workplace relations risks while you focus on your business. Find out more about our services.

Free Compliance Health Check

Last year, over 27,000 workplace claims were made through the Fair Work Ombudsman. In many cases, the employer was unaware of any non-compliance on their part. Are you sleepwalking into a $63,000 fine? Don't let that happen to you. Gauge your compliance risk now.

*Up to $2,000,000, please visit policy wording in relation to this coverage.

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