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Business Insights for 2021

Hear what HR professionals and business owners should prepare for in 2021.
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Business Insights for 2021

Business Insights for 2021

18 November 2020

While the pandemic dominated our workplaces and has limited the partying in 2020, we thought it timely to do a Business Insights event that will help you keep track of other employment law developments from this year, take stock of the upcoming changes that will affect your business and be as prepared as you can for what comes next.

Join Nigel Ward and Luis Izzo in this webcast as they review the significant events in employment law during this incredible year. With many challenges continuing to impact businesses into 2021, they will discuss what they believe HR professionals and business owners should prepare for, including their predictions that will reshape the IR regulatory framework in the future.

They will cover:

  • Year in review – what you may have missed whilst focusing on COVID-19.
  • Key challenges businesses will face in 2021.
  • Managing your workforce – JobKeeper, redundancies and stand downs.
  • IR Reform – what the regulatory framework might look in 12 months.


  • Nigel Ward, CEO and Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors.
  • Luis Izzo, Managing Director - Sydney Workplace, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors.


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