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Employer Update COVID-19: JobKeeper and FWA

Get clarity on what this mean for your business.
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Employer Update COVID-19: JobKeeper and FWA

Employer Update COVID-19: JobKeeper and FWA

20 April 2020

The Federal Government JobKeeper wage subsidy legislation has passed, bringing dramatic amendments to the Fair Work Act. The new laws override any modern award, enterprise agreement or employment contract.

Employers have been given new powers under these changes, however they must pass specific tests and qualifications which are complex to understand.

Nigel Ward and Luis Izzo will provide clarity on what the JobKeeper subsidy and Fair Work Amendments mean for your business.


  • Nigel Ward, CEO and Director, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
  • Luis Izzo, Managing Director - Sydney Workplace, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors


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